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SpecFlow tips: Customizing dependency injection with Autofac

by Gáspár on August 18, 2016

SpecFlow creates and disposes the instances of your step definition classes automatically. It also allows injecting dependencies to these classes through a feature called context injection. This article shows how this injection can be configured to use the popular Autofac dependency injection framework. [read more…]

BDD Addict Newsletter July 2016

by Gáspár on August 1, 2016

The monthly dose for BDD addicts… In July #bdd, #specflow and #cucumber stories from Matt Wynne, Konstantin Kudryashov, Mathias Verraes, Liz Keogh, Roberto Lo Giacco, David Leitner & Gaspar Nagy.

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BDD Addict Newsletter June 2016

by Gáspár on July 6, 2016

The monthly dose for BDD addicts… In June #bdd, #specflow and #cucumber stories from Gojko Adzic, Kent Beck, Håkan Forss, Michael Whelan & Gaspar Nagy.

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BDD Addict Newsletter May 2016

by Gáspár on May 31, 2016

The monthly dose for BDD addicts… In May #bdd, #specflow and #cucumber stories from Reed Gusmus, Roberto Lo Giacco, Arado Oy, Tomasz Pluskiewicz & Gaspar Nagy.

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SpecFlow Tips: Collect more information on error (part 2)

by Gáspár on May 13, 2016

In the first part of this article I described why it is important to provide more information on errors and how you can collect useful artifacts (screenshots, log files, etc.) in an [AfterScenario] hook. In this part I would like to explain how to write more informative assertions.

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