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SpecFlow tips: Feature file backgrounds — like them or not

by Gáspár on February 11, 2016

The format of the feature files used in Cucumber or SpecFlow is very simple. The format (or grammar), called Gherkin, was intentionally designed to be simple, so that the specification written in these files are kept simple and understandable. There are no loops or ifs. The only special structure you can make in a feature file is the “Background” section. In the background section you can list one or more given steps that will be implicitly included in every scenario of the file. So you can use it to extract common preconditions from the scenarios to avoid duplication. Sounds simple, but still, half of the BDD practitioners like and use this feature, while the other half doesn’t. Where do you belong to? Here is a list of pros and cons.

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BDD Addict Newsletter February 2016

by Gáspár on February 8, 2016

Dear BDD Addicts,

bddaddict-newsletterWelcome to the first BDD Addict newsletter. My plan is to collect interesting posts, articles and events about behavior driven development, SpecFlow, Cucumber and also test automation and agile testing. I’m following many channels, but surely not all. So if you have seen something that fed your addiction, just send me the link with a few comments to bddaddict@specsolutions.eu.

Your dose for February 2016 contains the following topics:

  • [News] SpecFlow v2 Released!
  • [Process] Improve the collaboration part of BDD with example mapping (Matt Wynne)
  • [Number Crunching] 9% QA budget increase in 2015
  • [Learn:SpecFlow] All those tricky base classes
  • [Learn:SpecFlow] Clean up your automation code that vary by tags (Joe Buschmann)
  • [Event] CukeUp! London 2016

Read the full newsletter here. You can also subscribe to it at http://specsolutions.eu/bddaddict.

The day when SpecFlow v2 is released and after (roadmap)

by Gáspár on January 27, 2016

What a day! SpecFlow v2 is released today! The preview was released in December, I was writing about the list of changes and also the necessary upgrade steps and we also updated the documentation with the new features and changes. So from today on, you can get the new stuff from NuGet. Here is a BIG THANKS for all the people who contributed, especially to Darren and Sam.

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