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Git & Dropbox for preparing live demos

by Gáspár on June 14, 2011

I have arrived from Oslo where we did two sessions with Jonas Bandi on NDC 2011 about SpecFlow.

As Jonas lives in Switzerland and I live in Hungary, we have used Dropbox to synchronize the content we are working on. This was fine for slides and other notes, but for the code demo we did not have the right toolset so far.

Actually I like to do demos where I modify and evolve the code during the session. But if you do so, you need to maintain different versions of the code base. You need a baseline to start the demo from and probably also a “done” version if something goes wrong. Additionally you need to be able to revert back to the baseline while practicing the demo. This begs for a SCC and Git is a perfect choice.

To have a little bit of “surprise” effect, I don’t like to publish my demos upfront so did not wanted to put it into a github repository. To be able to share the code with Jonas, this time we’ve tried to combine Git with Dropbox like this:

  • create a “bare” git repository into a dropbox folder
  • clone it to your working folder
  • work on the code & commit changes
  • push the changes to the dropbox folder (the origin)

Though I’m pretty sure that this is not a well scaling solution for real development, but for two persons it was just fine & simple.

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