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Meet Cucumber and SpecFlow friends at CukeUp! 2012 (4th April, London)

by Gáspár on March 19, 2012

After the successful debut of the full day event of the Cucumber BDD tool and the ecosystem (obviously SpecFlow as well), this year CukeUp! is here again!

If you like or interested in Gherkin-style BDD this a cool event to learn about new things or share experiences. The conference has half hour sessions, which is perfect for inspiration and spinning up your mind (and no chance to get bored). Also very important to mention, that the conference does not finish at 5pm, not even at 6:30… We will continue in the bars around Skills Matter.

I’m very proud to see that SpecFlow contributors are well represented as speakers… Chris Roff, Vagif Abilov and also myself will do a session for sure.

I hope to see you too!

I should not forget the link: http://skillsmatter.com/event/agile-testing/cukeup-2012

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