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BDD Addict Newsletter April 2016

by Gáspár on May 9, 2016

Dear BDD Addicts,

bddaddict-newsletter April is the month when trees blossom, bees whir and BDD addicts come together in London in order to spend two days with talking about BDD at CukeUp! conference. Is there a need for a BDD Addict Newsletter in April at all? Of course, there is!

This newsletter is a collection of interesting posts, articles and events about behavior driven development, SpecFlow, Cucumber and also test automation and agile testing. I’m following many channels, but surely not all. So if you have seen something that fed your addiction, just send me the link with a few comments to bddaddict@specsolutions.eu.

So here is your dose for April 2016…

  • [Community] Open Source is open
  • [Process] Optimizing the flow is not enough
  • [Process] Return bugs to their creators
  • [Test Data] Data Personas
  • [Learn:Test Automation] Test data aliases
  • [Learn:Test Automation] Preserve the scene
  • [Event] Meetup London 24th May: BDD in Legacy Apps

Read the full newsletter…

BDD Addict Newsletter April 2016

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