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BDD Addict Newsletter November 2016

by Gáspár on December 8, 2016

The monthly dose for BDD addicts… In November #bdd, #specflow and #cucumber stories from Adam Bertram, Anthony Chu, Sam Hatoum, Jim Holmes & Kevin Smith.

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BDD Addict Newsletter

Dear BDD Addicts,

November was pretty busy for me, hence the slight delay of the newsletter. Today, when I am composing this summary, it is the 6th of December. The day of Santa Claus in many countries. You are grown-up adults, but probably remember the times when you were children. So let’s imagine we are children again and we can write a wish list… to make our BDD projects better. What would you like to have? Better understanding, how BDD fits to the Agile practices? Making your test automation code more robust? Prevent more bugs to happen? Support your DevOps team with BDD? Or find a test automation solution for a specific SPA framework you use?

I am not Santa Claus, but I hope the monthly dose can help a bit…

(Have you encountered a good article regarding this topic or BDD, Cucumber, SpecFlow, Behat or test automation? Send me the link with a few comments to bddaddict@specsolutions.eu, so that I can share it with the other addicts.)

[Process] BDD in an Agile journey

BDD does not replace Agile. It does not replace TDD. Nor Scrum, User Stories or anything in agile testing. BDD is more like a practical guideline that can help you to get the benefits of all these. Kevin Smith summarizes his 5 years of Agile journey in his post and explains the role of BDD in this journey.

Behaviour Driven Development. A better Agile? (Kevin Smith, @kevatron)


[Video:Test Automation] Test code is production code!

Jim Holmes shared this video that is a recording of a conference talk. Jim does not really uses slides (that contain just keywords mainly), but his stories to tell us what is beyond basic test automation; the way how you can build up an automation solution that is robust, maintainable and working as a safety net. I’ve found it really interesting and valuable. (61 mins)

Automated Testing Beyond the Basics (Jim Holmes, @aJimHolmes)

[Process] A taxonomy of bugs

One important aspect (if not the core essence) of agile testing is to find ways to prevent bugs. If we can prevent bugs, we don’t need to spend time to find, record and fix them. This sounds great, but how can we actually achieve this? How can we prevent bugs? I don’t think there is a general answer here, but trying to find the root cause of the bugs we typically encounter and categorizing them might help. This is what Sam Hatoum does in his post. Worth reading!

Preventing Software Bugs from Ever Occurring (Sam Hatoum, @sam_hatoum)

Image source: https://medium.com/quality-functions/

[Learn:BDD for PowerShell (Pester)]: DevOps in practice with PowerShell

Have you known that you can do behavior driven development for PowerShell scripts? I have not until recently. There is an open-source project called Pester that can help you with that. It provides an RSpec-style framework that you can use to write executable tests/specification for your PowerShell scripts. If you take a look at the example in the github project home page, you will immediately see how it works. Adam Bertram has written a post series to show what you can do with Pester. I picked the article that shows how different kinds of testing can be achieved, but in the article you will find the links for the other posts as well.

Unit tests versus integration tests in Pester (Adam Bertram, @adbertram)

[Learn/Cucumber] Automating web applications with Cucumber JVM — powered up with dependency injection

While the scenario that is used in the following article as an example is more like a smoke test than specification, but besides that, this article shows a concrete example of a nicely layered web automation solution with page objects. It also shows how the DI integration of Cucumber JVM works and how to configure the web driver and the pages with Spring.

Starting with Cucumber for end-to-end testing (Nicolas Fränkel, @nicolas_frankel)

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