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Balancing Scenarios and Unit tests (case study with SpecFlow)

by Gáspár on February 20, 2017

According to the principles of Behavior Driven Development (BDD), we discuss examples and write them down as Gherkin scenarios. These scenarios can be turned into automated tests by BDD tools like Cucumber or SpecFlow, so that the implementation can be “driven” by them. So it is like TDD. But if it is like TDD, there […]

Property-based BDD Examples with SpecFlow and FsCheck

by Gáspár on November 2, 2016

BDD (Behavior-driven development) is a software development process focusing on active collaboration, which illustrates and automates the requirements using key examples of the problem domain. In BDD, the formalized examples use a natural language-based DSL driven by the Given/When/Then keywords. At the same time, property-based testing (PBT) uses abstract formulas to declare expectations for the […]

SpecFlow tips: Customizing dependency injection with Autofac

by Gáspár on August 18, 2016

SpecFlow creates and disposes the instances of your step definition classes automatically. It also allows injecting dependencies to these classes through a feature called context injection. This article shows how this injection can be configured to use the popular Autofac dependency injection framework.