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SpecFlow without code-behind files and a big step towards .NET Core support

by Gáspár on April 24, 2017

SpecFlow uses generated code-behind files for executing the scenarios. Not because we like code-behind files, but because this was the only way we could easily integrate Cucumber-style Behavior Driven Development to the .NET developer toolset. But after almost 8 years, can we get rid of the code-behind files finally? And how is it related to .NET Core? Just keep on reading… [read more…]

Execute SpecFlow Scenarios on Azure Virtual Machines with TFS and SpecSync

by Gáspár on April 21, 2017

The test execution infrastructure of TFS has been improved a lot, so for now it is also possible to execute automated test cases on test machines (e.g. on Azure VMs) from the TFS web interface. You do not even need to install Microsoft Test Manager for the execution. There are neat features for this (like distributing the test executions to multiple machines), but the best of it is that the test cases synchronized from SpecFlow scenarios by SpecSync all support this. [read more…]