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MVC through StoreFront Videos

by Gáspár on December 3, 2008

When I started with my MVC research, I was very happy to see that there is an end-to-end sample from Rob Conery that shows how to develop an application with MVC. And it even uses TDD… cool. I admit that I have not watched all of them, but the entire series is about 11 hours […]

ASP.NET MVC Framework Study

by Gáspár on December 2, 2008

After PDC, I started to investigate the ASP.NET MVC framework more deeply. Back in 2001, when I joined TechTalk, the company was developing a web development framework called TTIC.NET. I guess there was even a TTIC before, but when I was hired, they were already working with .NET (1.0 beta). I don’t remember how far […]