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SpecFlow Tips: Put your hooks in order

by Gáspár on March 1, 2016

SpecFlow hooks (or events) are extension points where you can insert custom automation logic into the scenario execution before or after different sections, for example before any scenario execution. These can be used to perform custom preparation or cleanup logic, e.g. resetting the database. In bigger projects, you might need to have multiple hooks of […]

The day when SpecFlow v2 is released and after (roadmap)

by Gáspár on January 27, 2016

What a day! SpecFlow v2 is released today! The preview was released in December, I was writing about the list of changes and also the necessary upgrade steps and we also updated the documentation with the new features and changes. So from today on, you can get the new stuff from NuGet. Here is a […]