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SpecFlow tips: When to clean the database

by Gáspár on February 23, 2015

We were always told to clean up after ourselves when we were children, this is also what I teach to my daughters. Probably due to this, when writing the first integration tests that inserts data to a database, devs cleanup (or reset) the database after the test has been executed (with an [AfterScenario] SpecFlow hook, […]

SpecFlow tips: input and output files

by Gáspár on January 20, 2014

Integration tests have to deal with file system files from time to time, even if the system under test does not use the file system. You might have test input files or generated logs, traces or other output files that you generate during the test execution. Handling such files is not too hard, but there […]

SpecRun – because integration tests are not unit tests

by Gáspár on September 2, 2011

We have started the SpecFlow project in 2009 to provide a tool for .NET developers to perform BDD-style functional testing. SpecFlow uses unit testing frameworks, like NUnit, MsTest or MbUnit to execute the Gherkin scenarios. While this was a pragmatic choice, it has turned out that for executing functional integration tests, these unit test frameworks […]