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Balancing Scenarios and Unit tests (case study with SpecFlow)

by Gáspár on February 20, 2017

According to the principles of Behavior Driven Development (BDD), we discuss examples and write them down as Gherkin scenarios. These scenarios can be turned into automated tests by BDD tools like Cucumber or SpecFlow, so that the implementation can be “driven” by them. So it is like TDD. But if it is like TDD, there […]

DevCamp09: Behavior Driven Development Applied in Unit Testing

by Gáspár on October 15, 2009

The presentation material (slides and demo source code) of my DevCamp09 presentation are on-line now and can be downloaded from the TechTalk website here. The downloadable material also contains the framework that can be used to write BDD-style unit tests. This framework will most probably be joined to SpecFlow, the open-source BDD tool we have […]

TDD Anti-patterns

by Gáspár on December 4, 2008

I’ve just found this very good collection about TDD anti-patterns in James Carr’s blog and also some extensions (and prioritization) for it in stackoverflow. It’s much fun to read it and it is very useful. Some of my favorites: The Mockery – Sometimes mocking can be good, and handy. But sometimes developers can lose themselves […]