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BDD Addict Newsletter December 2016

by Gáspár on January 5, 2017

The monthly dose for BDD addicts… In December #bdd, #specflow and #cucumber stories from Gojko Adzic, The Cucumber team, Jim Holmes, Alister Scott & Kevin Smith.

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BDD Addict Newsletter

Dear BDD Addicts,

2016 is over. I started the BDD Addict newsletter one year ago to collect and share interesting posts, articles and events about behavior driven development, SpecFlow, Cucumber and also test automation and agile testing. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up with this every month, but finally no bdd addict was bereft of the monthly dose of reading. Just like in July, in this issue I collected those topics that got the most interest from you in the second half of 2016.

The newsletter is moving on in 2017, so please keep up sending links with a few comments to bddaddict@specsolutions.eu, so that I can share it with the others. You can also encourage others to subscribe at bddaddict.com.

Happy new year, and keep on bdding…

[Process] Their favorite BDD anti-patterns

The blog of the Cucumber team contains many interesting things to read and even more materials you can listen to. They have a history that can be traced back long where they have been fighting against the anti-patterns that may look good at first sight but slowly they are killing the productivity you wanted to achieve with BDD. (Maybe you remember the funny talk by Matt Wynne.)

This time they captured the most important anti-patterns in a blog post, and since the title says “part 1”, we can expect them to be continued soon.

Cucumber anti-patterns (part one) (Cucumber team, @cucumberbdd)

[UI Automation] The questions you should ask yourself before starting with UI automation

I am a big fan of the concept of the context-driven testing school. People tend to accept that each application requires a unique architecture and design, but whenever it comes to testing, they think there are some fix rules and paths to follow. These fixations come from company policies, culture or trends. But here is the reality: every project is different and every project needs some consideration, which testing strategies, tools and techniques should be used.

The article by Jim Holmes gives you a good checklist of questions you should ask yourself before starting with UI test automation.

Getting Started with UI Test Automation (Jim Holmes, @aJimHolmes)

[Tesing] New ways for testing

Technology, infrastructure and applications are changing. We are in the era of digital transformation where technology sneaks in even to those places, where you would never think they will (like your light bulb). Testers have to cope with such new challenges and keep seeking for new directions. In his article, Gojko Adzic flashes out a few thoughts on the feature of testing, which is definitely worth reading.

Automated testing: back to the future (Gojko Adzic, @gojkoadzic)

[Process] BDD in an Agile journey

BDD does not replace Agile. It does not replace TDD. Nor Scrum, User Stories or anything in agile testing. BDD is more like a practical guideline that can help you to get the benefits of all these. Kevin Smith summarizes his 5 years of Agile journey in his post and explains the role of BDD in this journey.

Behaviour Driven Development. A better Agile? (Kevin Smith, @kevatron)

[UI Testing] Don’t do that, do this instead

The post of Alister Scott does not really need big introduction. It is a clear, straightforward “Don’t do that, do this instead” style bost with concrete examples. It contains 5 very good suggestions for UI automation.

Five automated acceptance test anti-patterns (Alister Scott, @watirmelon)


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